Selasa, 06 Desember 2016

Tunjukan Puisi Pada Sang Anak

Tunjukan Puisi Pada Sang Anak - Demonstrate Words In The Son - I want to go home now. but I do not want you to go. I ask you to forget me. How can? I already love you dead premises.
I'm sure you can do it, because my parents had told me to study abroad. Please do not leave me. I really love you.

Girl: I'm sorry, and I want to see with you for the last time before I berangkat.Jumpalah the guy with the girl at the usual place they met. Because puisi rindu saw the girl for the last time, the guy finally dropped water matanya.Sang girl ignored him and give a letter in his hand and said .

do not open it before you got home. The boy hugged the girl and ran back to the house and left the girl alone because they do not wait to read it. But this is what the contents of the letter from the girls: you're a dog.

I have never loved you in my life. So do not ever expect about love you. you are useless. I am still with you because I'm just sorry you why puisi sedih have to survive. Now when I give you full time to try, but I really wanted to dump you.

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