Senin, 14 November 2016

Berbagai Cara Puisi Terindah

Berbagai Cara Puisi Terindah - Bell was sounded. Kekhwatiran Rani will be additional penalties to be provided Kak Edo, was lost. The next morning, armed with abstinence to reduce errors and the obligation to carry out daily picket class. Rani got to school at 6:15, earlier than other friends. Arriving in the classroom, the first thing to do is Rani grabbed a broom and clean the classroom without exception satiap corner table itself.

It what?" Asked Rani to himself, while his hand into the table and he found a letter saying 'To You'. Rani think that this letter is just work prankster or emang true this letter to him. With curiosity passionate, slowly Rani opened the letter.

"To you, beautiful girl. Good morning from my. Hopefully you're not too late, and your days on this day would smelled of flowers are in addition to the letter. "A thin smile and shy Rani, when reading this letter.

then reached under the counter and found the interest in accordance with what is written in the letter. It's from who ya? Tau auh. "Rani and then insert it into the flower and mail bags. Precaution lest anyone know this problem and flowers letter. While continuing its work piketnya cleaning the classroom, he kept kepikiran who mengirm letter to her and what the purpose of that person.

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