Selasa, 06 Desember 2016

Tradisi Pantun Untuk Menghibur Pendengar

Tradisi Pantun Untuk Menghibur Pendengar - do not want "I refuse to be ashamed. Later when I could not face going in the place where They are equally ridiculous, they say "love the same man yaa  added embarrassment just happens, they's.

 just embarrassing me ahead of him .. strange duo At school I saw a man ditangga, in the hallways, in the library, in the bureau, on the sports field. Without meaning to, I hear chatter glimpse Men and their friends, as I was going towards pantun gombal the front.  Ti her phone number?" I asked in wonder at Tia while continuing to type-typing the phone number given to me.

"How Pri already dapetin him yet?" One theme asked, teasing and tugging at his hand asking to immediately answer the question. However, only smiling man considers the question was just a joke. With cueknya man immediately left his.  Tia give me phone numbers man.You can think of where

 friends.he who  "My mind wondered. Curious. I was getting desperate not sure it can get to know more closely Men let alone expect pantun lucu more from him.Where would she saw a girl like me. Ohh my .. should I realized myself that donk Men love withsomebody else, which certainly is not me. "Jerking my heart. Friday morning suddenly.

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