Selasa, 06 Desember 2016

Derasnya Lontaran Kata Kata Yang Disampaikan

Derasnya Lontaran Kata Kata Yang Disampaikan - Heavy rain that increasingly accompany my steps in a hurry, a voice calling my name still sounded from behind. "Kiiw home to me first, her rain getting big!" Said asti on me.

I did not heed that call. More and more torrential rains alone. My body began to shiver, but the footsteps slow as if nature knows kata kata galau my feelings weeping. Along the way I see and fro of people running for shelter, not.with my pace is so relaxed along.

My brain was constantly thinking of someone that now makes my life a mess, I was crying in the dressing rainwater disguise. My eyes swept me which way to walk. he used to make me happy. They just heard and I remember about him, which makes me nervous in his presence.

Endearments never left he said, the word love, smile sweetly, her behavior. Remember the first time I knew him, was fascinated when the first sight. I think kata kata romantis if maybe I could get closer to him, the feeling will not be able to because I realized there was nothing great from my own self.

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