Selasa, 06 Desember 2016

Saat Membberikan Kata Kata Ada Yang Salah

Saat Membberikan Kata Kata Ada Yang Salah - Fitting that he sms me like this "de, tomorrow let's go home together later kakam waiting at the school gates huh?". "OMG helloooow guaaa am very it feels like to fly" said I was shouting.

Oh yes kak rangga the ngjak my home together" I said as she hurried into the school gates. And it fits me there turned out to kak rangga again waiting for me  kata kata kecewa what a dream I semalem" I said. "Hay kak. It's been a long time huh?" Sapa me to kak rangga Nope've just, uh de we eat first shall we?" He said.

 but" I was nervous. "Quiet sister who treat" he said, pulling my hand toward her red Ninja motorcycle thank ya kak anterin already at home, and treat eating". "Yaps sama2 de, oh yes yes shuttle sister later morning. De if I may sister nitip greetings for audy huh?" He said. "Iya kak, okay naanti I sampein (in a very sick heart)".I swear I'm kata kata indah very happy gueee !! I think falling in love deh kak insects, but insects kok kak kak send greetings create audy huh? Hmm .. maybe just ordinary friends" said

When I again chattingan same insect through facebook kak, kak audy came into the room and my ngagetin the same again . again chattingan with whom same again chattingan rangga" said kak audy. "Yes dong, oh yes, there are greetings from kak kak rangga" I said boong lu deck, hahaha" said kak audy he ruffled my.

hairh brother aja tuh do not trust each adeknya" I said, tapping the laptop. "Learning lu, do courtship wrote" he said while ngledek. "Enak aja, there gah out" I said while

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