Selasa, 06 Desember 2016

Berikan Puisi Perpisahan Haru

Berikan Puisi Perpisahan Haru - Give Farewell Poetry Haru - actually do not like the same lo, understand !! "Says me while pointing a finger to him. But what one of you said that a lot diaSalah lo forgive me if I got it wrong Not so easily lo.

dong'm sorry, now I pengen we broke Why do we have to break up the fan, I love you so much Basic geeky, Upik ash is up to you fans puisi guru want to say what action pretentious rich I weve poor man, but I was not as low as rich self-esteem you I weve.

misjudged him "said I in hearts we broke up "he said at veno say so rich to me, I immediately regretted already talking rich so to veno, and I was immediately pergiDan when I open facebook on a laptop, veno send status and I read her.

 Why love can be like this, I love him but he does not think like her former ex-ex, I weve poor but I also have pride I was immediately netesin tears veno time status makes rich so "I've turned out to be worth siain people my dear, gueee must puisi sahabat move on from veno. There are still a lot of really guys that were more than he though this weird said my heart.

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