Selasa, 06 Desember 2016

Pada Saat Pusi Termanis Perpisahan

Pada Saat Pusi Termanis Perpisahan - At The Sweetest Parting Poem - And at that moment, my classmate friend andre Hay fanIya Ndre sms me, what I sms lo. Not Tumben I just bete aja lo yes he had recently broken up at veno already deh do.

bahasih si lo Upik ash was crazy, he's a former lo At the moment I sms'an him really old and joking joke shoot me, I thought tapi.setelah puisi ibu think I immediately received andre There is the same way I want lo fan "Andre said.

pulling my hand Ih what the heck, I'm sick tau want us to break up, I think we've not fit anymore, but kenapaa? Gue same love lo already, we now already have nothing any more After that I immediately cried, and now I know I have got my first.

waste their already-nyiain veno but now I were already in the drain-sian .. and my heart was shattered when I know veno already has a boyfriend So puisi cinta we learn from this story Do not chase siain people who care about us because someday you are going to waste

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