Selasa, 06 Desember 2016

Penasaran Dengan Kata Kata Yang Terbaik dan Pasih

Penasaran Dengan Kata Kata Yang Terbaik dan Pasih - Angry angry old cepet aja loh "he said as he walked out my room.When I chattingan longer the same kak insects, he likes to ask about kak audy. But when I asked, "like the same kak kak audy tah?" But kak rangga just say "no, just friends wrote And when me and said gini to me.

sorry de tomorrow's brother can not pick. De, tomorrow to park it? There are sister omongin to ade. Important really, this problem kata kata sedih of feeling" when I read inbok of him , I jump jump hysterically ... "what I want to shoot insects kak ya? said I with PD.I said, patting his shoulder kak rangga. "Eh ade, here deck seating.

Iya kak" I said while feeling dag dig dug "yes ampuun happy bgt" I said in my heart When I sat next rangga kak, kak insects just dian and looks nervous. I also can not wait wait I finally talking kak rangga first way to kak rangga "kak, ade like the same brother really. Ade is also going to be a girlfriend's brother.

 I said with PD say what?" He said, laughing Then what's brother invites me to park? Not want to shoot ade sister, sis, brother ade like the same kata kata motivasi from the beginning I met brother" I said Sorry de, brother did not like it at ade. Ade invites here because sister want to talk to ade if sister like at audy sister ye de, for this brother.

 just anggep you Adek brother wrote and not more than that. I'm sorry really de" when heard explanations kak insects, I netesin tears and Ko Ko disappointed. "I'm disappointed at his brother, sister turns deketin ade ade doang manfaatin just because of me sister audy kak, kak rangga I think its good, it turns sister cheated" I said while crying in.

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